Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Straight GOP Progay WY Pol Zwonitzer
Runs for US House

Some interesting gay-related news out of the Equality State today. A straight pro-gay marriage GOP champion announced he's running for Congress next year.
In February, without any prodding from the Human Rights Campaign, the supposedly community leader for gay marriage, or a single gay advocacy organization for that matter, Dan Zwonitzer, in a committee hearing eloquently and movingly spoke in favor of marriage equality. Click here to re-read his terrific speech and then here for some of the positive feedback letters he received from around the nation and beyond the USA borders.
Dan, who does not sit on the committee that was considering a bill barring Wyoming from recognizing out-of-state gay marriages, went out of his way and risked political criticism and voice his young voice not just for marriage equality, but really for treating gay Americans with dignity and respect.
He's now tossed his cowboy hat into the race for the state's single seat in the US House of Representatives. I don't know what his chances are of winning, but I hope his candidacy gains traction and that he's again given the opportunity to speak up on gay issues, as the voters consider who to vote for.
Hey Dan, good luck with the run for Congress, thanks for your past support of gay Americans and I hope you'll continue to be an ally for us.
A state legislator from Cheyenne is the latest person to announce he intends to seek the congressional seat being vacated next year by the retirement of Rep. Barbara Cubin, R-Wyo.

State Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, a Cheyenne Republican, announced Tuesday that he intends to run for the at-large seat in next year's election.

Zwonitzer, 28, is serving his second term in the Wyoming House of Representatives. He's on the Agriculture and Corporations Committees. He works as an auctioneer in southeastern Wyoming and helps to manage his families businesses in the Cheyenne area.


Michael Shay said...

Michael: Don't forget that Wyoming Republicans have a lousy track record on gay rights, whether in the State Legislature or in D.C. The better bet would be to support the Democratic Party candidate, Gary Trauner, for Wyoming's lone U.S. House seat.

Anonymous said...

If this guy wants to win, he'll put up a website to accept contributions by credit card.

Link, please.