Saturday, December 07, 2013 HQ Half-Mast Flag-Flying for Mandela; Petition's Milestone

This video was taped on Saturday, December 7, 2013, around 7 pm.

It shows the street level of the porno palace owned by at Mission and 14th Streets in San Francisco, then pans up along the brick tower till we reach the top and the company's flagpole is brightly-lit, with a quarter moon in the background and the Stars and Stripes are flying at half-mast.

To honor the giant humanitarian and South African hero Nelson Mandela, is heeding President Obama's order to lower flags to celebrate the incredible life of Mandela and grieve over his passing.

In related news, the petition to Mayor Ed Lee requesting the LGBT Pride flag at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro on municipal property be lowered to show respect for Mandela and his freedom fighting struggles, hit 100-signatories today. 

The rainbow flag at Milk Plaza continues to fly full-mast. The MUMC leaders and their City Hall enablers could teach the GOP a lesson in how to be the Party of NO. For those new to the almost three-year battle over control of the flagpole, Those who hold the key to the rainbow flag are more interested in displaying their hatred of me for advocating community-control of the flag than in honoring Mandela.

(On May 26, 2009, after the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8, the Merchants of Upper Market Castro allowed the Pride flag to blow in the wind in a lowered position and with a black ribbon topping the flag. Credit: Brian Kusler.)

MUMC and City Hall leaders say now that the rainbow flag at Milk Plaza cannot be lowered because of Muni cables and I call bullshit. The LGBT and allied community can find a smaller flag if need be or the flag can be lowered almost-half-mast and a way found to lower the darn schmatta already.

What does it say about San Francisco that while millions of flags are lowered for Mandela, including at the local porno studio with a prominent flagpole seen by many eyes, the official homosexual leaders of the Castro prevent the City's flag from being part of the worldwide effort to mark the great man's death?

Thanks to everyone pitching in to get the rainbow flag at Milk Plaza flying at half-mast. You can sign the petition here.

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